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Quality Policy and ISO Certificate

Safety & Quality

Full compliance culture:
At AL-MILLION we are committed to a Full Compliance Culture, giving health, safety and environmental matters the highest priority in all our activities. This is supported by our SHE-Q system. We require that all employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and any others who may be affected by our operations share this commitment.

AL-MILLION’s one way of working:
AL-MILLION is a large, international company with more than 4000 plus employees. We work on both large and small projects, always with the same dedication and professionalism. Despite their different nationalities and backgrounds, all AL-MILLION employees operate as one team. All over the world our people apply the same high standards when it comes to SHE-Q related issues and the same values guide their actions.

AL-MILLION devotes much time and energy to the promotion of our one way of working throughout the organization. We do this through our general policy statement, continuous training and development of all employees, clear work instructions, strict safety procedures and company-wide safety, health, environment and quality campaigns.

Investing in our people:
AL-MILLION regards its employees as its main asset. Over 4000 plus of our people all over the world are constantly working on a range of demanding projects. They demonstrate an impressive flexibility, ability to cope with unexpected circumstances, cooperative attitude, professionalism and dedication. AL-MILLION is constantly investing in developing the knowledge and skills of its workforce through our global Training & Development Program (T&DP).

As part of the SHE-Q system, all employees undertake induction training through our E-Learning portal. Once they have completed this, they receive a Corporate Safety Guide which also contains miniature copies their competence certificates.

AL-MILLION Training Center:
AL-MILLION continuously invests in the training and development of all its employees. The hub of this activity is the AL-MILLION Training Center. All AL-MILLION employees take a turn, usually several times during their career, at updating their knowledge and their skills to keep them up-to-date. AL-MILLION prefers to do this internally, because the world’s largest specialist in heavy lifting and transport has all the necessary knowledge and experience in-house, including in the form of trainers who know all the ins and outs.

To get the best out of people ,
The training center aims to turn out people as positive and optimistic skilled workers who know what AL-MILLION stands for and what they need to pay attention to in order to carry out a contract safely and professionally.

Leadership in the Field:
Good leadership is essential to working safely and efficiently. To help supervisors improve their leadership skills, AL-MILLION developed the Leadership in the field course in 2008. Our supervisors work hands-on with their people. This training encourages our supervisors to focus even more on safety at the job site, and raise the safety awareness of our crews.

Continuous improvement:
AL-MILLION takes great pride in its long history of continuous improvement in all areas of Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality. Our commitment to introducing new, better and safer systems of work along with improving current systems reflects our clients' demanding requirements. We regularly review all our operations. This is not only to ensure safety, but also makes good business sense and gives us a significant competitive advantage in a changing world.

The AL-MILLION SHE-Q system equips our employees with tools to build, review, revise and document Safe Systems of Work. Hazard Analyses, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Calculations, Lifting Studies, Rigging Studies, Transporting Studies, Jacking and Skidding Studies and Tackle Diagrams are all a part of our daily work - written and executed to the best industry standards by trained, skilled and competent personnel.

Safety campaigns:
We recognize that SHE-Q is a fundamental and integral part of everyday business. This is continuously communicated to all employees through internal training programs and media within AL-MILLION. We believe that our internal and external training programs are the key to providing the continuous improvement we seek and strive for, in our effort to achieve ZERO accidents or incidents.

Environment and Community:
AL-MILLION has always been aware of its responsibilities towards its employees and society. We want to be a responsible corporation in the broadest sense, we care about the world we operate in and aim to balance environment, society and profitability.

AL-MILLION wants to reduce its impact on the environment by raising awareness among its employees and constantly focusing on technical improvements to ensure an up-to-date fleet with the best possible environmental performance.

Worldwide, AL-MILLION is involved in several social projects and initiatives. This ranges from supporting local sports clubs to working with international organizations. We encourage and support initiatives proposed our employees. AL-MILLION wants to contribute to a better and sustainable world.

Safety & Quality

Al Million believes in and strives to offer the best quality service for its clients across verticals. This is achieved with the use of innovation, technology and robust processes.