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Mep Division

Major activities performed in Mep Division

  Plumbing and Drainage System
  Irrigation System
  Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting System
  HVAC & Air Conditioning System
  Electrical System – HV & ELV System

Mechanical Division

Major projects in MEP Division :

Plumbing And Drainage System
Activities are carried out in accordance with the Water Dept.regulations (Qatar General Electricity and Water corporations), the Sewerage Dept.regulations (Civil Engineering Dept.-MMAA), and other international standards depending on the individual project requirements.

Irrigation System
Automatic & Semi-Automatic systems are both executed using a set of high pressure PVC piping to constitute the ring main and branch connections, set of pressure pumps, quick coupling valves, drip emitters ……….etc…

Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting System
It is carried out using a set of pressure pumps, piping net work, hose reels and cabinets. The system is always made under pressure to give immediate provision of water at the time fire occurrence, and based on the Design criteria and the civil Defense Regulations.

HVAC and Air Conditioning
A/C works including Centralized package system with ducts, ducted split type A/C indoor/outdoor units complete with the refrigeration pipes and the normal split type indoor/outdoor units are carried out as per drawing and specifications.

Hot and Cold Water System
The Hot & Cold Water system and the copper piping is carried out according to project specification/ BS 2871 both table “X” & “Y”. Cold water system is carried out either by using gravity method or by the pressure application depending on projects’ demand. Hot water system could be executed by the individual storage single heaters or by the use of central heaters with circulation pumps

Electrical Division

Our scope of activities extend to cover all the aspects of the Electrical Services to the different types buildings such as, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, army Buildings ,School…etc

Activities Performed

Small Power Installations:-
Our Electric Division executed all the types of small power low voltage works such as lighting &distribution boards, Bus Bar Riser, Bus duct, all the types of works P.V.C, G.I Cables …etc

Sub-Main & Cubical Panels:-
Sub –main panels & cubic panels of different sizes and types have been installed by our electricians in different projects, such as the Army Hangers Residential Complex the multistory buildings these panels were installed by our terminated, tested & Commissioned by our Electricians, Forman’s and under our engineer s supervisions

Fire Alarm System:-
Different types of fire alarm system (i.e. Conventional and Addressable) have been installed by our technicians using different types of mechanically protected cables and the normal cables depending on the individual projects requirements .Also these systems were tested and commissioned by MARINA and approved and certified by the fire fighting Department

Public Address System:-
Public address System includes different sizes in different types of speakers (i.e. 6W, 12W Box Speaker, Horn speakers …..Etc) in addition to amplifiers &Microphones were installed in different projects (mostly mosques) by our technicians

Street lighting & Feeder Pillar:-
The Electrical Division has Experience in erection of Light poles ; cabling; termination and commissioning of street light & feeder pillar were we have executed many different projects

Safety & Quality

Al Million believes in and strives to offer the best quality service for its clients across verticals. This is achieved with the use of innovation, technology and robust processes.


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Major projects in MEP Division
  Doha Women's Club
  Nissan Show Room
  Carrefour Shopping Center
  Qatar Education City
  Amex Office Refurbishment
  Al Noor Institute
  7 Story Bldgs-2 Nos@Old Salata
  Qatar University
  Sprinkler Refurbishment
  Al Othman Tower
  7 Sory Bldg.For Al Muftha Offices
  Science And technology Park
  Al Jazeera Channel Head Quarters
  Government Schools With Darwish
  Trans Arabia
  Dubai Center
  Quality Foods & Services
  Atalal Al Khaleej
  Adikariya-Mep Works
  Binghalib Engineering
  Conserved Food Staff
  Family Laundry

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